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Alexa Hennig von Lange, Jean Baudrillard, Mark Dery, Stanislaw Lem, William Gibson, Maurice Benayoun, Pierre Levy etc.

This film talks about the interconnections between reality and the virtual world, two fields that will mix more and more in coming years. It presents the latest inventions in the virtual 3D world, from VRML websites to robots with artificial intelligence or to popstars that only exist in the computer, like the Japanese Kyoko Date.

Experts including sociologist Jean Baudrillard, philosopher Pierre Levy of Paris, virtual reality researcher Mark Dery of New York and German journalist Florian Rötzner analyse and criticise the impact of these virtual worlds today and tomorrow. Great attention is given to interviews with the visionary inventors of the cyberworld, namely authors William Gibson in Vancouver and Stanislaw Lem in Varsovia. A German author, Alexa Hennig von Lange, guides us through the film, accompanied by her virtual alter ego, Valexa.

1998, 70’, video

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