Good art cannot live without its social context. In that sense, any piece of art is political: It deals with its period, its society, its public. Art is always a mirror of its era, reflecting not only history of art, but history in the global sense.

In "Kunstskandale" ("Scandals in art"), published in Summer 2000, the history of recent art is told for the first time through its provocative acts, taboo violations and juridical defamation.

The book series of interviews, "Kunst Heute" ("Art Today"), also confronts the artists again and again with questions about his era and his social responsibility, as modern art, without them, cannot exist.

DuMont, Cologne: 2000 "Kunst-Skandale"

Kiepenheuer und Witsch, Cologne:
1988 ’Georg Baselitz’
1989 ’Markus Lüpertz’
1990 ’Kunst in Paris’
1994 ’Jannis Kounellis’

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