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Award winning portraits of the artists Georg Baselitz, Jochen Gerz, Bruce Nauman, Annette Messager, Alex Katz, Gloria Friedmann in digital quality and several language versions, with exclusive extras !

What about style - Alex Katz

A portrait of the 70 year old forerunner of figurative painting who talks in his studios of New York and Maine about his beginnings as an anticipator of Pop Art. Directly on camera, Katz paints his largest work ever, "The Black Brook".

2002 - 56 minutes, bonus: virtual gallery with key works German, English


Georg Baselitz

Baselitz twice - reflecting in his Derneburg castle about his recent and early works and about his position as an eternal outsider in the official art scene.
1987 & 2004 - 45 & 52 minutes
German, English


Make Me Think - Bruce Nauman

A film like a trip. And the first documentary about the American pioneer of video, performance and neon art who is regarded by many as the most important artist alive.
1997 - 70 minutes
German, English


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