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"Braun Phonosuper" by Dieter Rams

"Jaguar E" by Malcom Sayer (1961)

"Leica" by Oskar Barnack (1914)

"Lounge Chair" by Charles Eames (1956)

"Swatch" by various designers (1980)

"TGV" by Roger Tallon and Jacques Cooper (1971)

"Valentine" by Ettore Sottsass

"Vespa" by Corrado d’Ascanio (1943)

all films by Heinz Peter Schwerfel
except "Valentine" by Danielle Schirman

Lounge Chair, Swatch, TGV, Vespa: coproduction with Arte / RaiSat/ Blue Space
Braun, Jaguar, Leica: coproduction with Arte / Blue Space
Valentine: coproduction with Arte / Le Fresnoy

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