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Contemporary Art on DVD

Your.Art. - Jochen Gerz

A visit to the studios in Paris and Canada of the most important representative of political Concept Art, who became world famous through his public memorials on holocaust and fascism.
1998 - 55 minutes, bonus: works 1998-2004
German, English


Gloria Friedmann, Frau von Welt

A portrait of the Parisian artist whose favourite theme - the confrontation of Man and Nature - runs right through all artistic media, from painting and performance to installation.
2002 - 52 minutes, bonus: Gloria Friedmann’s live performances "Les Recyclés" -
German, French


Plaisirs / Déplaisirs - Annette Messager

An award winning filmic journey through a universe peopled by erotic monsters, childhood obsessions and mutilated cuddly toys. Messager, pioneer of feministic art, participator of Documenta and Venice Biennale, invites the viewer into her puzzling imagination.
2001 - 55 minutes, bonus: Documenta 11, filmed by Annette Messager
German, French, English


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