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"Artcore oder Der Neger"

Actors: Cecile Nordegg, Daniel Emilfork, Hans Meyer. Artists: David Diao, Max Neumann, Christian Boltanski, Peter Chevalier, Jean-Jacques Lebel, etc.

A film where all is fake - even art. Cinema questioning the cult status of today’s authors: A young female curator travels to Berlin to meet a collector. There, she discovers a peculiar old man who reports from the time when he not only knew, but actively, very actively collaborated with famous painters such as Chagall, Beckmann or Picasso.

Shot on original spots with well-known actors such as Cecile Nordegg from Vienna, Daniel Emilfork from Paris and Hans Meyer, known in Germany as the famous "Pushkin Man" from various TV ads in the 60s. A bunch of authentic heroes of today’s art scene appear as well, including collectors, museum directors, art critics, and, of course, artists.

1990, 90’, 35mm
German, French
WDR/Kuratorium Junger Deutscher Film

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