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CDs by Silvana Deluigi



The soundtrack of the film, nominated for the best album award of the "Deutsche Schallplattenkritik". Silvana Deluigi is accompanied by the famous bandoneonist Juan José Mosalini, the pop guitarist Thomas Gubitsch, and others.
(1991) Schott/Wergo



Silvana Deluigi together with selected musicians, such as the bandoneon star from Uruguay, Luis de Matteo, jazz bass player Jean-Paul Celea, sax player Ulrich Lask, etc.
(1996) Schott/Wergo



Top-selling tango record of the year. New arrangements of tango classics from Carlos Gardel to Astor Piazzola, complemented by a surprising version of Berthold Brecht’s "Surabaya Johnny". With Silvana Deluigi and musicians Juan-José Mosalini, García-Fons, Jean-Louis Matinier and Osvaldo Calo.
(1999) Inakustik

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Live recording of a concert by Silvana Deluigi with the "676 tango" quintet at the "Jazz Baltica" festival in Salzau (Germany)
(2001) Inakustik



with Steve Swallow, Renaud Garcia Fons, Robby Ameen, Alfredo Triff, Gustavo Beytelsmann, Osvaldo Calo
(2004) Enja/Harmonia Mundi

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